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Providing the absolute best Roleplay the GTA community has seen. From our realistic content to our realistic rule set and guidelines, we believe that role-playing should be exactly how it is supposed to be.


Here at LPRP, we strive to provide the most realistic experience. From the Wiki to the MTD, we continue to bring you the best of the best.


Since we strive for the most realistic role-playing experience for all of our members, we ask that all will act with respect.

Your Second Life

We hope that you will be immersed within our modification similar to how the familiar game Second Life does. We want you to feel as if you are not even playing a video game.

Montgomery Co. Sheriff's Department

Montgomery Co. Sheriff's Department Logo
The Montgomery County Sheriffs Department is in charge of protecting the Pelato Bay and Sandy Shores.

San Andreas Highway Patrol

San Andreas Highway Patrol Logo
The San Andreas Highway Patrol is in charge of protecting the San Andreas Highway System as well as the National Parks and Forests.

Montgomery County Fire Rescue

Montgomery County Fire Rescue Logo
The Montgomery County Fire Rescue Association is in charge of providing Fire and EMS services throughout the upper-half of San Andreas, previously known as Blain County.

Civilian Life

Civilian Life Logo
Want to build an empire, crime career, or admire your car collection? Now you can as a registered citizen of Montgomery County!

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Our developers dedicate their own valuable time towards making Life Project RP a reality. Donations help us continue to run the Website, Server, Teamspeak, and gift our developers. In addition to helping us continue operating, we also provide rewards for donating specific amounts.

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